Tree & Post Puller – Dominator

  • One Size
  • Dig, Saw, Rip & Pull! This is the ultimate tree puller! Featuring 1″ thick AR400 steel jaws with removable bolt on rippers and a 60″…

    Skeleton Rock and Brush Grapple

  • 62" | 68" | 74" | 78" | 84"
  • This is our #1 seller! We’ve been making this Grapple the same way for over 10 years now, and for good reason; it is built…

    Brush Grapple – Dual Super Duty

  • 76" | 86"
  • The Jenkins Iron and Steel Super Duty Brush Grapple will literally take a huge bite out of the time you spend cleaning up brush, logs,…


    Brush Grapple
    Skeleton Rock & Brush Grapple
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