Brush Grapple – Dual Super Duty

Product Description

The Jenkins Iron and Steel Super Duty Brush Grapple will literally take a huge bite out of the time you spend cleaning up brush, logs, roots, large rocks, and concrete. With a 50” bite powered by twin 3000 lb cylinders and fish tooth serrations on all of the hardened 3/4″ teeth laterally gusseted with 3/8″ hardened plate this monster will grab and hold whatever you need. Built commercially, this is designed to rip into roots and tear up the ground with the convenience of replaceable excavator digging teeth. The top grapple also features heavy-duty rectangular tubes and hardened teeth with sheet gusseting. This grapple also features its mounting plate at an angle so there is plenty of rollback for you to drive around without losing your load. Like all Jenkins grapples, they feature fully grease-able pivot points. Rest assured that this grapple can handle even the biggest skid steers on the market!

  • Independent grapple arms
  • 3/4″ material gusseted with 3/8″ thickness for durability
  • Unique serrated teeth for biting and holding material
  • Replaceable tip dirt teeth for root raking and ground ripping
  • Easily move logs, brush, trash, large rocks, demolition debris with this grapple
  • 2 – 3000lb hydraulic cylinders
  • Modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models
  • Holds up to even the largest skid steers
  • Commercial Grade!!
Overall Width 76″ 86″
Overall Length 32″ 32″
Overall Height (Closed) 36″ 36″
Overall Height (Open) 58″ 58″
Opening 50″ 50″
Lower Bucket Material 3/4″ Grade 50 3/4″ Grade 50
Weight (lbs) 1533 1750

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