Skid-Max 3X

Product Description

SKID-MAX Series is the heaviest, most durable, most versatile skid steer grader on the market. No matter which model you choose our quality surpasses all competition. Our SKID-MAX 3X Series is the perfect attachment for spreading, leveling, landscaping, installing house pads, grading parking areas and even road building. You can spread, level and grade 3 to 4 times faster with our 3X Series when compared to your skid steer’s bucket. They amaze contractors on how hard they cut.

SKID-MAX Graders use Caterpillar cutting edges, for maximum cutting and rolling action. The combination of thicker gage steel, curved cutting edges, and perfect blade pitch (discovered though years of Heritage and Experience) causes SKID-MAX Graders to reclaim, sift, and relay your previously purchased gravel or aggregate, leaving a fresh smooth road surface without the cost of additional rock.


3 x Caterpillar Brand cutting edges.

Manufactured with a precise pitch (angle) to allow cutting the hardest material without chattering.

Specifically designed sloped sides eliminate the need for a large rear cross brace, giving you a clear view of the grader.

Comes with bucket stops or bucket hooks, to allow for easy transportation of your bucket on top of the grader to save space on the trailer.



72″ 3X / approx 820lbs / 72″ blades / overall width outside frame 77″

84″ 3X / approx 915lbs / 84″ blades / overall width outside frame 89″

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