Product Description

Turn your Skid Steer Loader or Compact Track Loader into a highly productive trenching machine. Our heavy-duty trenchers are truly industrial grade and made to handle the toughest jobs. No matter if your Skid Steer Loader is a standard flow machine or a high horse power, high flow machines we’ve got the right trencher attachment for you. Completely manufactured right here in the USA

As always, all of our attachments are complete with all necessary hoses, sleeves, cylinders, guards and flat faced couplers.


  • Double Standard Dirt Chain (available up to 12″ width) Recommended for harder, drier soil conditions.
  • 50/50 Bullet Tooth Chain (available up to 6″ width) Recommended for hard soils, frost and rocky conditions.
  • 50/50 Shark Tooth Chain (available up to 6″ width) Recommended for consistent hard soil/rock conditions.
  • 70/30 Scorpion Tooth Chain (available up to 6″ width) Recommended for hard soil, rock, asphalt and frozen ground conditions.

  • Duo-Tech Mounting System available on T100 and T125
  • Trencher attachments ship already assembled and ready for work
  • Heavy-duty Planetary Drive system eliminates chain reduction
  • No third drain line required
  • Digging depths 3’, 4’ and 5’
  • Digging widths 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”
  • Common chain/tooth options in stock: Double Standard Cup Tooth, 50/50 Bullet Tooth, 50/50 Carbide Shark Tooth, 70/30 Carbide Scorpion Tooth
  • Heavy-duty crumber shoe accessory for loose soil removal
  • Replaceable spoil auger that mounds most soil to one side of the trench
  • Manual side-shift for trenching close to structures
  • Built-in skid shoe provides proper auger depth control
  • Built-in mechanical depth gauge
  • 2-year Motor and Planetary/1-year Frame warranty
  • Made in the USA
Model GPM Range Max Recommended
Trench Width
Max Recommended
Trench Depth
T100 8-12 12″ 3′ Heavy Duty
T125 10-15 12″ 3′ Heavy Duty
T155 15-20 12” 4′ Heavy Duty
T255 20-30 12” 4′ Heavy Duty
T350 30-45 12” 5′ Heavy Duty

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