4 in 1 Bucket with Teeth

Product Description

This 4 in 1 bucket with Teeth is built to withstand the abuse of everyday work. One attachment for dozing, land leveling, grappling, dumping, digging, grading and whatever else you can throw at it, this is one of the most useful attachments you can buy. It uses 3 reversible & replaceable cutting edges along with a reinforced bottom, fully gusseted sides and the cylinders are completely protected. This is the biggest and heaviest combination bucket on the market and it’s designed to last for years and years of rigorous use by contractors, excavators, farmers or anyone needing a versatile attachment to do it all! Available in 3 sizes 72″, 78″, and 82″.

  • 3 Reversible & Replaceable Cutting Edges
  • Fully Gusseted Sides
  • Available in 72″, 78″ and 82″
Width 72″ 78″ 82″
Depth 34″ 34″ 34″
Bucket Height 25″ 25″ 25″
Overall Height 38″ 38″ 38″
Weight (lbs) 1340 1430 1525
Opening 48″ 48″ 48″

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