Forestry Mulcher – Disc Style

Product Description

Mulching Disc Design

Ideal for large mulch and brush management applications.

Diamond Mowers’ SK Disc Mulcher Pro X is the best solution for mulching smaller-diameter trees and brush. The design of the disc acts like a flywheel to store energy. This stored energy combines with hydraulic power to enable you to mulch any trees or brush in your path. The shape of the disc and position of the teeth allow you to safely and effectively cut down and mulch material.

Although this attachment is precise and ideal for land clearing applications, we do not recommend it for urban use. Due to the power of this machine, material can travel a great distance, making it less suited for use in populated areas and near buildings.


Cut, Shred, and Mulch Material

The Diamond Disc Mulcher comes equipped with FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH that act like an axe to slice material.


  • There are fixed teeth located on the inside of the deck shell, which mulches material as the disc carries it through
  • The FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH can be easily sharpened to increase efficiency
  • Patented planer knives in the center of the disc eliminate any dead zone



Our gear motors are American-made, cast steel gear motors – the highest quality of the type we can source.

Gear motors offer good efficiency, are capable of handling lots of contamination, and are cost effective to purchase and maintain.

These were the motors initially offered on our forestry disc mulcher products, and are still a great option for many applications today. These motors feature a relief valve to protect from over-pressure situations.

Our piston motors are a bent-axis, fixed displacement motor sourced from Europe.

These motors are tremendously efficient, and capable of handling very high pressures – well over what modern skid-steers and Compact Track Loader’s (CTL) are producing.

Because of their high efficiency, we are able to use slightly smaller displacements and achieve the same torque relative to our gear motors. This smaller displacement and higher efficiency result in approximately 20% faster disc speeds than the gear motors at the same flow. This 20% increase in disc speed results in over 40% more stored energy in the disc, a tremendous advantage when the going gets tough.

The piston motors offer all the aforementioned advantages while allowing the loader’s hydraulic system to operate cooler. The biggest disadvantage of these motors is their higher price tag.

  • Cuts a 10” tree in a single pass
  • Made in the USA from 5/8” high-strength steel
  • Lightweight; able to run on a variety of machines
  • 110-degree hydraulic rotation
  • Machined from special, one-inch thick steel with a very tight flatness critical for smooth operation.
  • The flywheel effect of the disc allows the mulcher to release stored energy when needed.
  • Sharp teeth made of steel to cut or slice the wood apart.
  • More productive than hammers, hardened steel teeth leave a finer mulch when the job is done.
  • The central, most critical component holding everything together.
  • The spindle transfers the torque and power from the hydraulic motor and, at the same time, absorbs all of the stressing coming into the attachment from the disc.
  • Conscientious design to manage effective material flows through the mulching chamber.
  • High strength and low weight are critical, as well as a keen center of gravity to amplify the weight’s impact on stability.

Cuts up to 14″ (356mm) diameter trees or brush


Mulches up to 6″ (152mm) diameter trees or brush

Cut Width

Available in 48″ (1219mm) and 60″ (1524mm) cutting widths


Configures with standard flow or high-flow hydraulic machines


Attaches and detaches easily to your skid-steer / compact track loader to add versatility and productivity to your existing asset

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