Snow Pusher

Snow Pushers

Product Description

Our commercial grade Snow pusher comes in 8’ and 10’widths. When you really need to move a lot of snow fast, this is the piece you want Our unit rides on full 1” ground force moving shoes, with a reversible and adjustable bolt on cutting edge that wears with the shoes and should last many years of use. This is a heavy duty commercial grade unit, built on a square tube frame with gusseting throughout for stiffness and durability. Standard steel cutting edge, available 1” heavy duty rubber cutting edge available if you are plowing lots or areas with manhole covers or other immovable objects that you may not see under the snow. Options include a heavy duty bolt-on back drag for getting up close to buildings, garage doors etc, and a high-volume screen that adds 33 percent more pushing capacity(not for use with back drag).

  • 8′, 10′ common sizes
  • Strong, harden steel cutting edge for long life
  • Rubber Cutting edge is an option as well
  • Free floating skid plates
  • Optional back drag allows you to get close to buildings and pull backward
  • Optional screen allows you to not have over spill so you can push bigger piles of snow
Overall Width 8′ 10′
Height 30″ 30″
Depth 30″ 30″
Cutting Edge 1/2″ x 7″ 1/2″ x 7″
Weight (lbs) 1009lbs 1130lbs
Option Back Drag Weight 167 lbs 209 lbs
Optional Screen 142lbs 181lbs

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