Concrete Hopper

Product Description

This monster hopper has a ¾ cubic yard capacity, dual stage removable concrete chute, and hydraulic operated door. This is great for getting up close to those buildings or sites when a concrete truck or other large machinery can’t quite get there. This is a very versatile unit for moving sand, dirt, feed, seed, fertilizer and other bulk materials you might want to pour into narrow areas as well.  USA steel and USA manufactured, we stand by this commercial grade unit. Like all our other pieces, it is the best on the market at the best price! As always, all of our attachments are complete with all necessary hoses, sleeves, cylinders, guards and flat faced couplers.

  • Constructed out of 1/4″ material with gusseting on all of the wear points and angles.
  • Center mounted hydraulically controlled shoot with a standard removable extension.
Width 48″
Height 27″
Depth 57″
Weight 615

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