Skid Max 3HA (Hydraulic Angle)

Product Description

The SKID-MAX 3HA Series is the heaviest, most durable, most versatile skid steer grader on the market. The SKID-MAX 3HA 3 Blade Series Gives you the Versatility to grade going forward or backwards. When Pulling the Grader the material flows under the front blade assembly, smoothing and compacting the material and removing the skid steer tracks.

Perfect for: Road Grading, Spreading, Leveling, Grading Parking Areas, Farm, Ranch, State Park, Hunting Lease, Wildlife and Forestry Road Maintenance. State and Federal Government, Large Scale Construction, Industial Plant Landscaping, and Much More.

If the grader is tilted slightly forward, material will not flow thru the grader which allows you to move material as you need to or tilt back and material flows thru to level and grade. These graders will cut the hardest material and will level uneven material quickly.

These graders will resurface buried gravel and aggregates. When compared to using the skid steer bucket to spread, grade and level, you will be very amazed at how fast and easy you can get the job done with the SKID-MAX Grader!

  • 2 hydraulic controlled blades and 1 fixed back drag blade.
  •  Caterpillar brand road grader cutting edges, for maximum cutting and rolling action.
  • Blade assemblies are fixed on a precise pitch allowing the grader to cut the hardest material without chattering.
Cutting Width Over-all Width
Width 84″ 97″

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