Root Grapple

Product Description

Our Root Grapple is a 6″ spacing version of the skeleton grapple. It’s constructed using 1/2″ tines which gives similar strength as the Skeleton grapple, with wider spacing.  The 1/2″ hardened cutting edge as a 1” cold rolled steel shaft through the center of each tine provides additional strength, preventing and bending of the tines. The grapples are the same ½” material as our super tough skeleton grapple. This unit is a great choice for smaller machines, as the overall weight is slightly less than the Skeleton Grapple.  The Root Grapple also features bolt on removable side plates.

As always, all of our attachments are complete with all necessary hoses, sleeves, cylinders, guards and flat faced couplers.

  • 64″, 72″, 78″, 84″
  • 1/2″ material
  • 1/2″ Hardened cutting edge
  • 6″ spacing between teeth
Width 64″ 72″ 78″ 84″
Height 31″ 31″ 31″ 31″
Depth 36″ 36″ 36″ 36″
Weight (lbs) 964 990 1024 1062
Grapple Opening 37″ 37″ 37″ 37″

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