Grapple Bucket

Product Description

Our Grapple bucket is similar to the Low Profile Dirt bucket, with 3/16” bucket material, but has bolt-on and removable ½” end plates, as well as the two independent grapples. The grapples are on a single circuit, so they open together but close individually around odd-sized loads. This is a great attachment for demo cleanup, scrapping and anything else that requires grabbing odd-sized loads without loose material falling through. It is also slightly lighter weight than some of the skeleton/tine type grapples and may be a better choice for smaller machines. Optional digging teeth available, shanks welded onto the bucket with pin-on teeth. All pivot points are fully greaseable.

As always, all of our attachments are complete with all necessary hoses, sleeves, cylinders, guards and flat faced couplers.

  • 68″, 74″, 78″, 84″
  • Removable End Plates
  • 3/16″ Bucket Material
  • 1/2″ End Plates
  • 3/4″ Reversible Bolt on Cutting Edge
  • 1/2″ Thick Grapples
  • 3000lb hydraulic cylinders
  • 1/2″ x 2-1/2″ under under supports
  • Visibility Slot
  • Modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models
Width 68″ 74″ 78″ 84″
Overall Length 34″ 34″ 34″ 34″
Overall Height 23″ 23″ 23″ 23″
Grapple Opening 39″ 39″ 39″ 39″
Weight 943lbs 978lbs 1007lbs 1065lbs

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