Single Arm Skeleton Grapple

Product Description

For those with smaller machines or very narrow entries, we now offer a single arm grapple version of our best selling Skeleton Grapple. Constructed with the same 3” spacing, 3/8” tines and ½ Grapple material, this little unit is just as strong as the bigger versions but light enough that sub-1500lb lift machines can still use it. The unit has the same removable end plates as the larger units, and all pivot points are fully greaseable. Available in 48” and 62” versions.


  •  ½” grade 50 serrated cutting edge out front
  • 3” spacing between each 3/8” tine
  • 1” cold rolled shaft welded through the center of all the teeth
  • Removable end plates

Available in 48″ and 62″ Widths
48″ weighs 664 lbs
62″ weighs 820 lbs

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