Product Description

Our Heavy Duty Backhoe is the heaviest built, most durable, quick and convenient backhoe on the market. This non-swinging backhoe is constructed of a heavy duty full box frame, with a single function bucket. A quick 10-degree turn of your skid steer and you can dump, grab and spin back, no need to climb out, no need for pads, just get in and go! This backhoe will dig to 7+feet with the standard arm, and 9+feet with the optional 8.5” arm. 9″, 12”, 18″ and 24″ buckets are usable by all but the smallest machines! Great for tile work, water lines, small stumps, etc. Our backhoe features 3 replaceable digging teeth and an optional manually adjustable mechanical thumb for biting logs, rocks or whatever you need to grab, pinch, and move! All pivot points are fully greaseable with zerk fittings.

As always, all of our attachments are complete with all necessary hoses, sleeves, cylinders and flat face couplers.

We carry conversion plates for John Deere tractors, Euro mount tractors as well, please call with any questions you may have!

  • Commercial Grade Incredibly Tough!!
  • 6-1/2′ or 8-1/2′ Digging Depth
  • 12″ or 18″ Wide Heavy Duty Bucket
  • Replaceable Digger Teeth
  • Stiff Boom Box Frame Design
  • Optional Mechanical Thumb for Gripping Debris
  • Modified to fit a variety of tractor loader models
Bucket Width 9″,12″, 18″, 24″
Dig Depth 6-1/2′ or 8 1/2′
Cylinder 3000 LB
Cutting Edge 3/4″
Weight 550-750

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