Tree Saw

Product Description

The M & M Hydra Saw features true flush-to-the-ground cutting and a rotating head for trimming limbs. It may be used as a stump grinder as well. The Hydra Saw has a chemical spray system that includes a stainless steel tank that will resist rust for years and a diesel compatible spray pump. It features a low speed, high torque motor for safety of operation and a massive blade spindle that makes it safe and strong enough to last a lifetime.

  • Hydraulic Rotation for stump grinding or trimming trees

  • Enclosed body protects valves, cylinders and spray system

  • Easy fill stainless steel tank with drain port

  • Internal spray tank vent prevents splashing of chemical outside of system

  • Secure grip step ensures easy entry to machine

  • Heavy duty ¬†hose protection

  • 42″ Blade Diameter on TS42 & 30″ Blade Diameter on TS30

  • High Kerf blade/tooth design provides minimum blade drag in large cuts

  • Cutting teeth are fastened from back with 5/8″ Grade 8 bolts

  • No cleaning of socket heads in order to rotate teeth

  • Carbide Teeth

Model TS42 TS30
Description Hydra Saw Hydra Saw
Weight 1750 lbs 1000 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 96″ x 61″ x 84″ 80″ x 45″ x 74″
Flow Rate 30-45 GPM 17-23 / 23-35 GPM
Cutting Capacity 30″ (without repositioning) 22″ (without repositoning)
Disc Speed 400 rpm @ 37gpm 400 rpm @ 23 gpm
Spray Tank Capacity 10 Gallons 7 Gallons

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