Mini Soil Conditioner

Product Description

The Jenkins Iron & Steel Mini Soil Conditioner with hydraulic angle is the ideal tool for all of your grading, shaping and leveling needs. Ideal for anyone from landscapers to food plotters, builders and contractors, this is an invaluable tool to get the job done faster and better! Fully grease-able pivot points and wheel bearings for long life and easy maintenance! It features a direct drive Eaton Char-Lynn hydraulic motor and comes standard with a 14-pin wiring harness.


Available in 3 different mount styles:

  • Toro Dingo
  • Bobcat MT
  • ASV

Hydraulic angle is standard.

14 Pin wiring harness is standard.

Width 48″
Weight 826 lbs
Wiring 14 Pin (Standard) 8 Pin (Optional)

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