Soil Conditioner

Product Description

Available in 74” and 84” widths, our new Commercial Grade Soil Conditioner will make fast, short work of any job you need it for. With heavy duty welded Carbide teeth and a special manifold that allows for standard AND high flow machines, this floating and hydraulic angle Rake does a great job of ripping up hard ground and separating small rocks and debris, leaving a nice soft finish behind. Great for prepping for new sod. Crushes everything on the market at a price that can’t be beat!



10″ drum spinner featuring carbide tips for ultimate wear and ripping ability.

4×8″ heavy walled rectangular backbone can handle the extreme duty work you throw at it with ease.

Featuring heavy duty caster wheels on an oscillating frame and free-floating mounting plate keeping level is a breeze!


Width       6′          7′

Weight   1450     1550

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