Tree Shear HTC16

Product Description

The HTC 16″ Tree Shears are designed to shear trees up to 16″ in diameter. The serrated teeth-edge design gives the HTC Plus Tree Shear a strong, grapple-like ability that allows for the pick-up and removal of debris.. The teeth also holds the tree securely during the cutting cycle, allowing the machine’s hydraulic power to focus on cutting the tree.

The HTC Tree Shears’ single-blade design means lower maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

Comes with standard universal wiring kit.

  • Cuts a 16” diameter tree flush with the ground in a single pass
  • Made in the USA from 1” high-tensile steel
  • Blade is 1-1/4″ thick
  • Narrow profile enables you to cut in tight places
  • 110-degree hydraulic rotation
  • Major pivot points are machined and grease-able for long life
  • Single blade design encourages trees to fall the direction of the blades travel
  • Blade cylinder rated for 3000 psi operating pressure
  • Serrated jaw grips tree to allow 100% of machines power to be applied to the blade
  • Comes with standard universal wiring kit


Rated Capacity – 16″

Weight (approx) – 1300 lbs

Blade Cylinder – 6″ x 18″

Tilt Cylinder – 3″ x 8″

Blade Material – T1 Steel

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