6 Way Dozer Blades

Product Description

Our Dozer Blade is a commercial grade, heavy duty, hydraulic tilt and angle beast of a blade that will outperform anything else on the market! It was designed and tested on a payloader and many tracked and wheeled skid steers, and is built to hold up to anything you can push it into. The 5/16″ face plate is gusseted and braced throughout, with a reversible and replaceable bolt on cutting edge. This blade works best on larger, more powerful machines(75 hp and up). This dozer blade is taller than most other blades at 30”, for easier use and the ability to push more material.  This unit comes standard with a push button momentary switch(joystick style) to toggle the hydraulics, from angle to tilt and back, for easy use with any machine without any modification(you will need a 12v receptacle in your cab for power). It is also available with custom wiring harness for most machines through the external electric plug upon request! Like all of our attachments, this comes ready to go with sleeved hoses, cylinders, and flat face couplers. Dozer blades come in 6′, 7′ and 8′ widths; we recommend at least 1’ wider than the outside width of your tires/tracks in order to accommodate the machine when angled fully. All pivot points are fully greaseable with zerk fittings.

As always, all of our attachments are complete with all necessary hoses, sleeves, cylinders and flat face couplers.

We carry conversion plates for John Deere tractors, Euro mount tractors as well, please call with any questions you may have.



Overall Width 6′ 7′ 8′
Height 30″ 30″ 30″
Weight 950 1150 1350

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